Elin Araçları,
Soyu Tükenen Çizim Enstrümanları

Canlı Kartografya, Yerin Transkriptleri
Lines of/for/among/around 

Drawing Atlas
on Atlas
Spirited Beyond: Speculative Perspectival Distortions & Embodied Investigations 
Bio-materials & Composites 
Crafting 3D Printing
Kağıt-Oluşlar l Paper-Beings
Topographical Narratives
Marble Labyrinth
Other Technicalities
Who is there? Second life of lines
New Year’s Lantern
Imaginary Landscapes
Geometric Stitching
No More No Less
Tacit Dimension of A Painting
Kinetic Constructions
3D Woven Paper Structures

Bilinmeyen İstikametler
Bürosu: Boğaz(içi)

Bedeni Dokumak/Mimari Tekstiller
Basic Design Studio I-II
1:1@1 Venice/Carapace
Lines of Action
Architectural Drawing
Studio I-II

Hybrid Drawing
Assos Kazısı
Ruins and Phantoms at Assos
a Paper Museum
Soft Alphabet

Çizgiyi Kentte Yürüyüşe
Çıkarmak: Boğaz(İçi)
Düşsel Atlaslar: Constant/Calvino Çizgiyi Çekmek ya da
Elin Manifestosu
Kıtanın Başkentleri:
Paris, Berlin
Paris’in Psikocoğrafyası:
Çıplak Kent

Tipsizlik üzerine Tayfun Gülnar’ın Mimari

Dada Kılavuz
Cehennem Mimarlığı Gordon Matta Clark, Çizgi, 
Kırık, Kesik, Dikiz, Dizi

İçe Bakış/Deniz Bilgin
Bir Anlık Sessizlik üzerine
e-skop yazıları
Nadire Kabinesi
Mario Carpo ile söyleşi
Uçmak üzerine
Halil Edhem/Müzecilik

Boş Ev

1:1@1 l Speculations, Variations and Making

Final Project
İstanbul Bilgi University, ComputationBased_BasicDesign
Distance Design Education
5 Weeks (30.04.2021-08.06.2021)

co-instructed with Bahar Avanoğlu and Meral Erdoğan

final project’s content, steps, and map design: bilge bal

Considering the unusual circumstances we are living under and literally physical distances between us, this academic year of 2020-2021 was a unique experience and a challenging experiment for us to co-live, collaborate, dream and create together.

Our hands are dirty as always. There are quite novel works constructed in the studio in last 5 weeks and we are happy to have this great team to learn from each other, design and think, discuss and make together.

This semester, we have explored the ways to create a system with the key structure VOID. Together, we have made an extensive research consisting of materials, systems, techniques and teachnologies in relation to each other. They are sometimes as palpable and tangible as it could get, sometimes as abstract, open, every-changing as it could be in an infinite virtual landscape. For the first time, we have dealed with a variety of scales ranging from a joint detail to 1:1 structure, from human scale to digital(ized) topographical narratives. Sometimes it was diving into the material world of mundane objects and our surrondings, sometimes into air in flow, sometimes into huge spatial configurations of digital models and sometimes dreamy lands as space of spaces.

For 5 weeks, we have inhabited an in-between reality, trying to discover and create a new playful and dynamic realm in terms of imagination, geometry, materiality, action, scale and form all together. 

1:1@1, Speculations, Variations and Making
Spring 2021, Distance Design Education, co-instructed with Bahar Avanoğlu and Meral Erdoğan

Workshop, 25.05.2021, Tutor: Kibele Yarman, “Moving Pieces: A Sem-Abstract Approach to Analogue Stop-Motion Collage”
Final Reviews, June 15th, 2021, 09.00-20.30
Guest Critics: Alison Grace Martin, Burcu Beşlioğlu, Aysel Abasova,  Cemile Gül Gülcan

Here are some fragments, memories and ruins from our process and environment, and final works.

A Select of Studio Works 

Maya Kalali

Seda Sankur

Serra Barlas

Deniz Kantar

Eda Nur Sicimli

Berat İriadam

Dila Şapçı 

Ecesu Palçik

Jülide Özarıcı

Buket Pamuk - Ceyda Doğan

Erdem Efe Bozkurt