Paper Fortune Teller: Lines, Hands and Surfaces in Action

Experimental Drawing Workshop
Organized and invited by SofArt Design Studio
Hosted by Ka Atelier
April 30, 2022

How can a paper be constructed through drawing and re-constructed again three-dimensionally, offering a second life to an existing drawing? What kind of three dimensionalities emerges in the language of lines?

We will re-interpret a simple and popular childhood play, ‘paper-fortune’ as a playful, ever-changing, kinetic construction through other dimensionalities and technicalities. [Un]Folding the paper, discovering the other possible dimensions of the paper as the site of the drawing, and oscillating between the 2-, 2.5- and 3-dimensional relationships, we will start to envision an ephemeralness that is constantly deconstructed and reconstructed through manifold gazes, spatial narratives, ambiguous relations and correspondences that requires to be re-read and re-written through language of lines between function and reason (homo faber) and non-representation and madness (homo ludens). This ‘world in play’ ignites our spatial and material imagination resembling the uncanny scape of pleasure and desire that are common in miniatures.

Lines, hands and surfaces will be in action and we will construct a kinetic and ever-changing drawing through axonometric view. We will walk and collect poetic spatial fragments in Ankara and draw them in axonometric, create a spatial construction by using these fragments, a drawing which makes itself. Paper will be an active material to draw and play as Dorothea Rockburne said “How could drawing be of itself and not about something else? ... I came to realize that a piece of paper is a metaphysical object. You write on it, you draw on it, you fold it.” DRAWING WHICH MAKES ITSELF

Tools  & Materials: Rendering materials like watercolor, dry pastel, oil pastel, color pencil, charcoal; 2 x a3 tracing paper, 200 x 200 x 3mm cardboard, x-acto knife, drawing pencils, masking tape, set squares or 2 geodreiecks.