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Crafting 3D Printing

Material Design and System Research
İstanbul Bilgi University, ComputationBased_BasicDesign
Distance Design Education
April 2021
1.5 Weeks
in collaboration with Bahar Avanoğlu and Meral Erdoğan

Even though we are living under the unusual circumstances of Pandemic and experiencing distance design education, in Spring 2021 as a studio,  we have been in a  world of many worlds experiencing manifold ways of designing  and making. Together, we have made an extensive research consisting of materials, systems, techniques and technologies in relation to each other. They are sometimes as palpable and tangible as it could get, sometimes as abstract, open and  ever-changing as it could be in an infinite virtual landscape.

‘Crafting 3D Printing’  as an vertically-oriented additive method has been introduced to the freshmen. We have designed a pattern in dimensions of 30cmx15cm as a base geometry, worked manually on 3d printing system and printed our patterns with the materials of our choice.  They have intentionally preferred clay as a material for 3d printing.  It was a totally manual process in which we have aimed to discuss the principles of the method, explore the hints and tips. 

Below are a select of works. 


Spring 2021
Computation Based Basic Design at Bilgi
Biomaterials & Composites: Materials +  Fabrics + Voids+ Systems

Instructors: Bilge Bal, Meral Erdoğan, Bahar Avanoğlu

Team: Aksel Pakyüz, Berat İriadam, Buket Pamuk, Ceyda Nur Doğan, Deniz Kantar, Dila Şapcı, Ece Su Palçik, Eda Nur Sicimli, Erdem Efe Bozkurt, Eya Mahfoud, Furkan Şamil Güneş, Jülide Özarıcı, Maya Kalali, Seda Sankur, Serra Barlas, Shahrzad Sabzkoohi, Sinemis Erdemir, Ülkem Tulya Tolunay, Yunus Aktay


Select of Student Final Works:

Maya Kalali

Ceyda Doğan

Serra Barlas

Jülide Özarıcı

Deniz Kantar

Seda Sankur