‘Drawing Which Makes Itself’, Hands, Lines & Surfaces in Action

Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi, Professional Skills dersi kapsamında
Yürütücü Dilara Sezgin davetiyle
Mayıs 25, 2022

“I came to realize that a piece of paper is a metaphysical object.
You write on it, you draw on it, you fold it.”
says Dorothea Rockburne in 1970s. 

This lecture is on the (Extra)Ordinariness of Drawing.

Because of the ambigious character between the object-representation relationship, drawings can be considered as generative and open and not, as is many times thought of models, as finalized materializations of the design. It talks about the ‘Reality of Drawing’.

Mainly, it has three folds:

[Dirty] Hands  - telling by hand, drawing as a way of making
Abstract Lines – Materiality of lines
Surfaces – Drawdels, Drawing without paper