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Drawing the Line

Lines of mine 


Inspiring from Man on Wire -Philippe Petit

It is drawn to discuss the border-line architecture on a paper @

Wouldn't people do their best at the border? He really probably has no other choice. If he does less, he knows that it falls off the edge; dives into the unknown. In the extremes, only his basic knowledge and skill benefit him. All the frills, excesses, claims, poses only push him to failure. So he puts aside all the superficialities that distract him. At the border, it is only the essential and original that matters. This is the way that the wire walker,  Philippe Petit lives in the space between two sides and two fixed ends. Petit travels along unexplored paths and trajectories in the temporary, probabilistic gray area he has built on the wire. While pushing the limits of his knowledge and skill, he creates the time and place and the ground where it will occur and proceed. Dreaming on a line, enjoying the moment, looking at the horizon, walking, dancing, sitting, lying down, leaning and looking down… and standing in “balance”. The performative act he carried out illegally on the wire between the Twin Towers in New York in 1974, according to Petit, is not a risk or excess, but a poem; extraordinary, enigmatic and sensitive. From an architectural point of view, it is a question of permanence, stability and impermanence, building and demolition, planning and unpredictability, truth and fiction, life and death, building and living a space between earth and sky.

A spatial drawing table hosting more than 2 hands, 2 eyes and a mind. They should collaborate and have a debate to keep the table in balance.

Paper-fortune as an enclosed space and an extended continuous surface,  seeks for other three dimensionalities through folding and unfolding the paper. Folding is to negotiate the boundaries and offer a spatial dialogue between two sides visually and constructively. 

A constellation in blank space designed for WednesdayTalks. The images sent by lecturers inspire the lines.  

A potential section of drawing on the table, August 2021

Nakarat /Chorus, Six Rugs for Six Rooms at Daylight and Night, drawn for the Keep Shop Rug Competition, August 2021

Bosphorus, Raf Ürün Dergisi, 14. Kapak Yarışması, Ocak 2020