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Fairytale: A Quest for the Uncanny Double and Unknown Contiguities

Drawing Competition
İstanbul Bilgi University, İstanbul
ARCH103, Architectural Drawing I, Final Project
Fall 2020-2021, Distance Design Education
in collaboration with Bahar Avanoğlu, Esra Sakınç, Güher Gürcan, Işıl Uysal, Mustafa Mortaş, Seda Kurt Şengün


booklet design: bilge bal
content: bilge bal, bahar avanoğlu

A drawing competition is organized as a mid-term project.  About 75 drawing sets are evaluated by guest jury members. Students are expected to deal with both techniques and imagination to construct a visual narrative through lines, traces and others.  Below are some examples from the entries.

Erdem Efe Bozkurt, Abdelrahman Elgamal, Yassin Yassin, Çağla Oruç, Eren Bilim, Duygu Yıldırok, Alisa Alev, Sinem Kurtuldu, Aya Mohammed, Yade Sıla Kahraman *Awarded Student Works: Erdem Efe Bozkurt, Yade SIla Kahraman