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Kite, Uçurtma

İstanbul Bilgi University, ComputationBased_BasicDesign 
In collaboration with Zahit Mungan (Kite Designer & Expert, founder of Uçurtma Atölyesi, Mardin)
Fall 2019-2020
October 15, 2019

We hosted Zahit Mungan in our basic design studio. As the Lord of the Kites in Mardin, @zahit.mungan talked about the tradition and tricks of making a kite first. Then, he made a live tutorial to construct a kite step by step. Students in groups of 3 or 4 started to build their own kites following his instructions simultaneously. At the end, they flew their kites outdoor in the campus and dealed with the balance issue in the air.

The Kite workshop by Zahit Mungan was a part of  hands-on learning which is one of our studio’s main goals; learning by making. It was an introduction to explore the  unit-based geometric system with function, balance, material performance, precision, craftsmanship, scale and detail solutions. Making a kite was a great challenge for all since it was an unusual exercise for a basic design studio!