Landscapes in print

Tetrapak Print, Drypoint Print Experiment, October 2021
Glass Plate, Monotype Print Experiment, November 2021 

Surface and matter conditions is one of the topics I have been interested in.  Landscapes in print are expressive and intuitive investigations into the drypoint and monotype print making processes. Making the double, drawing and its double, l andscape and memory, atmosphere, forgetting and remembering, same and other, original and edition, mark-making and printing, line and stain are [re]considered throughout the processes. 

For drypoint print making, I performed a series of experiments on tetrapak print first. I unfolded  a box of milk packinging and created lands from my memories.  The landscape, sea, coast, fields and open spaces are powerful emotive places of adventure, nostalgia, freedom and escape. Constructed inside 1-liter-box, these tiny drawings investigate the way a place is remembered. How its reinterpreted by the mind; details are altered and omitted, becoming imbued with ones own emotional outlook.

For monotype print making, I played with a glass plate and ink.   I touched the surfaces and found different ways to contact them and add and/or remove liquids in different ways to build forms, tones, textures and light of a landscape. 

I create "artificial" lands from memories and put an effort to portray the essence or feeling a place rather than an exact representation. All are to explore the sense of a place.  All walk poetically between realism and abstraction.