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Lines of Action: When the Body Draws
the Abstract Space

+ Workshop (with İdil Karababa + Koray Bingöl)
2018-2019 Spring Semester
İstanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Architecture 
April 2019

Lines of action is on materializing/visualizing the movement.  It is a kind of dance of eyes.  There is  a mutual connection between the spherical space and the body  of gestures. When the body draws the abstract space,  a spatial mapping  occurs through the movements. They are not postures, but sequential movements which are articulated to each other. In other words, they are not frozen frames, but flows in motion.  The traces of movements in space can be uncovered by creating a gesture index and displaying transition/ between movements. Using a line can be a potential method to translate a/an [anti]gravity dance into a dance of eyes- lines of action.  With different lineweights and linetypes,  diagrams are highly recommended to represent a wide range of potential conditions of someone in 3D space.  Construction of a notational system of lines, dashes and points is essential so that by drawing, someone can unfold and de-code his/her sequential movement pattern.  

key words: notation, abstraction, movement, language, score, spatial algorhythm  

Participants Abdal Karim Rabi. Ahmet Rasim Utaş.Aslıhan Eroğlu. Ayşe İnci Üstünel.Batuhan Emre Güngör.Burak Kaan Kocadağ.Deniz Cem Aydın.Dila Acar. Dilara Ateş.Ecem Akgün.Ecem Deniz Karabacak. Ecem Karataşoğlu.Eren Öcalan.Erlin Boztaş.Fatma Sharkawi. Fatma Sude Akay.Hazar Abdik.Humay Aliyeva.Kardelen Kurt.Mahsa Poya.Mehmet Coşkun.Mohammad Alsharabi.Muhammed Acır.Numan Deniz Erdem.Rabia Alkan.Razan A. W. Zainulabdeen.Seçil Soyyiğit.Selena Alay.Selin Arda.Selina Şişik.Selinay Erdoğan.Sude Aydın.Sundus Adel Ali Al-Nakhif.Yahya Kemal Gürcüoğlu


[anti]gravity dance and its ways to act, frames from the workshop and the studio

* We started searching on it in 2020 as well. However, it became unfinished because of the COVID-19.  Below are a select from 2020. 
Works belonge to Gülce Irmak Yaşar, Betül Oflaz, Semra Nur Çavdar, Serra Yılmaz, Abdullah S. Mallah, Devrim Deniz, Çağla Ece Bostan.