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Lines of/for/among/around Architecture Series

Etkinlik Dizisi, Organizasyon
Çizginin yörüngesinde dönen konuşma, atölye, sergi vd.
Bilge Bal, Bahar Avanoğlu, Gizem Albayrak
ARCH103/104 Mimari Çizim Stüdyosu I-II kapsamında

2018-2019 l Güz ve Bahar

Rus Avangardı Sergisi, Kasım 2018,  Tale of Other Three Dimensionalities, A Space of Disorientation, Axonometrics” 
Atölye, Kampüs dışı etkinlik, Sakıp Sabancı Müzesi 

Ertuğ Uçar
, Ahmet Doğu İpek, Hakan Tüzün ŞengünMart 2019,  Orthographic Phantoms of the Campus”
Seminer + atölye, santral kampüs, Kazandibi

İpek Avanoğlu, Nisan 2019,  The Question of Unsafe Drawings”
Seminer + Atölye, Kampüs dışı etkinlik,  Salt Galata evsahipliğinde
“This work shop focuses on the configuration of the language production in architectural drawings through the mechanisms of poetry. The study proposes this mechanism as a search space constructed through associative intertextuality, intervening the logic of the plot thus generating an unfinished, evolving structure. “

Özkan KarababaNisan 2019,  Seeing Through The Paper: Perspective”
Seminer+Atölye, Kampüs dışı etkinlik, Süleymaniye Külliyesi

Elif Kendir, Aslıhan Demirtaş, Şebnem Yalınay Çinici,  Mayıs 2019,  “Small Conversations on Drawing”
Seminer ve panel, Kampüs dışı etkinlik, Versus Art Project evsahipliğinde,
            Elif Kendir, “Drawing In-Situ: Emergent Perception through Live-Action Tracing”
             “This talk will focus on the relevance of drawing in-situ as an active observational method. Examples will range from architectural site               drawings to storyboarding for comics and animations to measured drawings for botanical illustrations.”
              Aslıhan Demirtaş, “Remains Connected” 
              “At Ani, a bridge once connected the two banks of the Akhurian/Arpacay River. Today, of the now collapsed bridge, only the abutments on the   two sides of the river remain, one in Turkey and the other in Armenia. As the remains of the bridge exist in two territories, Ani exists in two worlds, at once an important historic Armenian capital and an archeological ruin in a military zone in Turkey at the border with Armenia. Two architects are seduced by the collapsed bridge. Their project consists of a series of visual, graphic and tectonic ‘conversations’ set up to investigate and interpret the multiple existences of Ani, the river and its disconnected bridge. They start by revealing the lenticular existence of the place and develop by  interweaving the resulting existences, references and projections. New York based architects/designers Silva Ajemian and Aslihan Demirtas work to reveal two stories, two forecasts. As they bridge from their respective approaches, they seek to interleave insights and articulate nested architectural and geographic narratives to create illusions of simultaneity and unfold possible realities.”
              Şebnem Yalınay Çinici, “Design, Representation, Reality”            
              “Design ideas develop and flourish in the environments of representation. Though the environments offered by representational technologies are the seed bed for architectural ideation, the word representation implies a subordination to a further origin or reality. However, in this talk, the
indispensability of representation of a thing to develop an understanding  of the thing itself will be discussed, through a questioning of what lines
as architecture are.”

ARCH 103-104, Architectural Drawing Studio I-II, “ Atlas of Some Kinetic Constellations in a Forest of Signs”
Pop-up Sergi,  Kampüs dışı etkinlik, Versus Art Project evsahipliğinde

2019-2020 l Güz ve Bahar

Ercüment Kalmık Müzesi,   Tale of Other Three Dimensionalities,  Fragments from the Museum, Axonometrics”
Atölye, Kampüs dışı etkinlik, Ercüment Kalmık Müzesi

Ali Paşaoğlu, Bora ÖzkuşKasım 2019, “Myriorama Variations on a Theme”
Seminer + Atölye, Kampüs dışı etkinlik, Ercüment Kalmık Müzesi ev sahipliğinde,
“Re-deal the cards and carry on with the story... Myriorama is a word derived from "a myriad of views", a 19th century invention for amusement and contemplation, a series of cards that can be arranged into endless landscapes. The workshop will explore potentials of this medium in architectural drawing and storytelling. Ercüment Kalmık Museum will be our hunting ground for architectural context and features. Our imaginative landscape and our characters will be rendered with architectural drawing techniques and translated into myriorama cards. Re-appearing characters and settings will form a background for endlessly reproducible collective stories.”

Marc Leschelier Kasım 2019, “Lecture from the Mixer”
Seminer, Kampüs dışı etkinlik, Versus Art Project evsahipliğinde,
The lecture will focus on the work of the French architect, Marc Leschelier, and on the attempt to build a more instinctive, direct and brutal architectural language, in which the territories of the useful and the useless, architecture and sculpture merge. These constructions, undetermined and potential, reflect, in their autonomy, the violence of their constructive process. Lecture from the mixer is a lecture that will use the concrete mixer as a starting point and a metaphor for the synthesis and the correspondence between disciplines in the constructive process.”

Sercan Apaydın,  Mart 2020, “Han /Inn”
Seminer + Atölye, Kampüs dışı etkinlik, Versus Art Project ev sahipliğinde,

2020-2021 l Güz

Saturday Workshops no.1,  Kasım 07, 2020
Çevrimiçi Atölye Serisi
        Burçe Karadağ, Emirhan Altuner, the Section of an Unknown Story”
        Gizem Albayrak “The Double”
        Hakan Tüzün Şengün “Table”
        İpek Avanoğlu, “d/w: (reads multiple) draw in talk, draw out talk”
        Özkan Karababa, “Free-hand Sketching”
        Seda Gecü, “Speculative Geographies”

Drawing Competition, A Fairytale: A Quest for the Uncanny Double and Unknown Contiguities, Kasım 2020
Arch 103, Architecture Drawing I dersi kapsamında

Saturday Workshops no.2, Aralık 19, 2020
Çevrimiçi Atölye Serisi
Ahmet Özcan, “Gerçeküstü Oda”
Bengi Amaç, “Mekan: Defter”
Bihter Almaç,  “The Cartography of Eerie and Marvellous”
Eda Gecikmez, “Beden-Zaman-Mekan Üçgeninde Kolaj”
Emirhan Eren, “How to Play with Concrete”
Kibele Yarman, “Moving Pieces: An Analog Stop-Motion Collage”
Mehmet Kösemen,  “Fantastic Creatures”
Merve Güç, “Bergsoncu Evrende Süre ve Sezgi”
Sercan Apaydın, “Light in Blue”
Tayfun Gülnar, “Başka Dünyalarda Mimarlıklar”



2020-2021 l Bahar

Wednesday Talks Series
Online Lectures
Guest Speakers:
        Semra Aydınlı (Prof., ITU) l  “Ambiguous Spaces as In-between Reality” l March 24th 2021, Wednesday, 18.00
        Perry Kulper  (Assoc. Prof., University of Michigan) l   “an Approximate Practice” l April 21st 2021, Wednesday, 18.00
        Aslıhan Şenel (Assoc. Prof., ITU) l “ Collective Imaginations ~ Walking with a Line for Critical, Creative and Collective Action”  l April 28th 2021, Wednesday, 17.30
        Peeraya Suphasidh,  (M.Sc. Architect) l “Iterations of a Dream: Drawing as Wayfinding” l May 16th 2021, Wednesday, 17.00


Drawing Charrette
Online, 22.05.2021, Saturday, 11.00-19.00

Guest Instructors (Invited Alumni group of the Drawing Studio) 
        Esraa Rehan l  “Surrealism and Decomposition” 
        Aea Bezzeh  & Mohammad Alsharabi l “Chasing Clouds” 
        Berkay Can & Okan Taşğın  l “ the Spatial Space”
        Bilge Sayarlıoğlu & Emre Bayram & Deniz Yumurtacı l “Invisible Cities” 
        Dana Husseino & Lara Çınaroğlu  l  “Dystopia - 19”
        Montaser Mesk & Yasmin Alhalees “Spatial Displacement” 
        Tolga Kaya & Yasmeen Tabbakh l  “Build-a-capri”