Meltem World  

April 04-07, 2022
Artistic Research, Art Collaboration, Work
a collaborative invitation by Gülsen Şenol

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“Meltem is a plastic cube transformed from 100 plastic bags” says dr. plastikhane. Meltem world is a visual diary of a hand-to-hand chain to suggest an alternative journey of 100 people with Meltem. It aims not to bring the cube back to the status of ‘waste' or 'worthless'. To do so, an endless plexus by handing it around is built. 

Between 04th-07th April 2022, I wandered around Istanbul, thought through making in collaboration with Meltem (Melt them). Together, we dealt with other ways of making between scales and dimensions, discovering and experiencing of being a cube.

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meltem entered the world of construction: settled on the architect’s table, participated a meeting, observed the cityscape, searched for the elements of a site, translated to a paper, used as a drawing instrument, became a measurement unit.

ps. two ways of making are inspired from a previous workshop I tutored. One belonged to Doğukan Altun and other was to Deniz Kantar.