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New Year’s Lantern

İstanbul Bilgi University, ComputationBased_BasicDesign 
Final Project, 4 weeks
with Bahar Avanoğlu, Meral Erdoğan
Fall 2020-2021,Distance Design Education

New Year’s Lantern is a kind of allegory of completing the first semester in the first year at design education with [en]light[ment]. It has become a tradition at the faculty to celebrate the new year’s coming since 2011 as well.

In the final project of Computation-based Basic Design Studio I, students are asked to question relationships between geometry, light and material through designing and building a 3D self-standing structural system. They design a New Year’s Lantern which should fit into a volume of around 180000cm3. Physical and structural performance, visual and spatial performance, logical and computational performance will be important in their designs.

During the whole semester, they have experienced both soft and hard materials and their performance through different techniques of making. Scoring, stretching, laminating, sliding-together, knitting, folding, curved-line folding, creasing, cutting and folding, enfolding, wrapping, unfolding, pleating, extruding, sewing, weaving, bending, twisting, geometric strip-origami (snapology), hinging, interlocking … are basically introduced to them to explore through them. According to the material(s) they are interested in researching, they build a structural lighting system by applying one (or more) technique(s) introduced to them.

Happy 2021!

Designers: Tulya Tolunay, Serra Barlas, Seda Sankur, Maya Kalali, Eda Nur Sicimli, Furkan Güneş, Jülide Özarıcı, Dila Şapçı, Ceyda Nur Doğan, Sinemis Erdemir, Ece Su Palçik, Shahrzad Sabzkoohi