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Ruin Lust, A Paper Museum

Lecture + Workshop
as a part of Drawing Constructions elective course instructed by Bahar Avanoğlu
İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture
2019-2020 Fall
in İstanbul Archaeology Museum
December 04, 2019

Cabinet of Curiosty versus Encyclopaedic Museum
Fragments from a history of ruins
Speculations through drawings of ruins
Paper Museums
Autobiographic remains
Representations of architectures. Sketchbooks, books, drawing files 
Ruin Lust

Andre Malraux L a Musee Imaginare
Joseph M. GandyBank of England,   a series of views of the structure in ruins
Piranesi antichita romane &  Carceri series,:M anipulated real landscapes, represented unreal structures based on existing architecture.
De Chirico Metaphysical universe. Ruins from a personal mythology
Aldo Rossi Sketches & Drawings; Autobiographic remains. Fragments belonging to his personal history added as ruins to his drawings each time
Hubert Robert  Paintings; D eformation and rearrangement of existing ruins according to the desire
Matrakçu Nasuh City Maps
Francesco Colonna Hypnerotomachia Poliphili,  a  dreamy territory strewn with classical detritus: capitals, epistyles, cornices, friezes, kiosks, and pyramids, obelisks inscribed with hieroglyphics

With a reference to Andre Malraux’s  La musee imaginaire,   construction of an imaginary museum through drawings in İstanbul Archaeology Museum.  A paper museum is a museum without walls, strict categories, limits, physical boundaries. Drawing has a technical potential to isolate/abstract an object/space/architectural element from its context and multiply, manipulate, make it bigger or smaller, focus on details so that someone can focus on the times and spaces which are not imagined/recorded/documented before. One can discover correspondences between things.  The fragments might be collected from ruins of artefacts, objects, spaces and architectural elements.