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Spirited Beyond: Speculative Perspectival Distortions & Embodied Investigations

İstanbul Bilgi University, İstanbul
ARCH104, Architectural Drawing II, Final Project
Spring 2020-2021, Distance Design Education
in collaboration with Bahar Avanoğlu

booklet design and drawings: bilge bal
content: bilge bal, bahar avanoğlu

Spirited Beyond: Speculative Perspectival Distortions & Embodied Investigations

This semester we have broadened and continued to broaden our horizon in many ways, expanding our drawing-scape especially in terms of contextual conditions, spatial narratives, speculations and transformations. We have constructed our individual, but also collective cosmology of possibilities.

Under construction, we have oscillated between a palpable and tangible plain of a paper, and a blurry and ever-changing field of an imaginary landscape of a dream and a flat screen bringing us together. While drawing the line and relying on our ever-expanding alphabet of lines, we have encountered manifold unknown conditions, new scales, collisions, densities, transparencies, opacities, overlaps, languages, notations, trajectories, palimpsestuous relationships and formations in a topographical field.  We have built up animated – spirited – spatial narratives. … a cosmos first manually constructed, then digitally enhanced… All these encouraged us to discover our collective imagination and thus create a collaborative construction through visual conversations and negotiations.

Upon contemplating on these ambiguous and palimpsestous cosmologies till the midterm, we decided to expand our discussions on this topic through stepping into another realm of projection where we have deeply tried to investigate the magical, curious relations between our very own eyes, our very own bodies, our situatedness within the new spatial-temporal condition and the paper plane. We started discussing thoroughly about perception through manifold subjects: perception through our bodies, our eyes and our hands, but also through the movement of our eyes, the movement of our bodies or the movement of the picture plane itself. Surely, we stepped into a highly temporal realm, where it is candidly hard to fix the eye, freeze the frame or the spatial condition. In fact, we realize that it is also equally hard to suspense the intangible counterparts of our perception and the construction of the embodied space as well: the mind and the imagination. Perhaps, we understood that we do not necessarily have to open and fixate our eyes to a destination in order to construct a perspectival drawing.

Together, we have critically examined a vast selection of various perspectival constructions. We looked at variegated constructions of the eye as an organ, the optical investigations through strings, hinges, doors and boxes, the differences or the collaborations between the haptic and the optic, the grid as a measure, the grid as a text, the various studies of the embodied space and the distortions of the spatial conditions. We asked ourselves when to be critical. And we argued whether distortion, construction and perception are hand in hand.

We had two valuable talks supplementing our investigations on this topic (Surely, the preceding two talks by dear Semra Aydınlı and Perry Kulper still kept their inspiring influence on us.) Through Aslıhan Şenel’s talk, we took the line for a walk to discover the power of imagination through the realm of “Collective Imaginations”. And lastly through Peeraya Suphasidh’s “Iterations of A Dream” we entered into the poetic realm of dreams, where we were introduced with many body devices as doubles, among which the double of the eye distorts the visual perceived field. We understood the importance of the recording the very movement of the eye, even when it is shut.

Again, we continued to construct many spatial-temporal narratives through a  layered, palimpsestous understanding, simultaneously questioning the borders of the paper. We still believed in the power of collective imagination and thus created collaborative constructions through visual trialogues and negotiations.

In the final assignment entitled “Spirited Beyond, Speculative Perspectival Distortions & Embodied Investigations”, you are invited and expected to explore this challenging realm, we are trying to discover and create all together: 

A l A Speculative Triptych: Perspectives Between the Real and the Imaginary  [individual]
B l Spirited Spaces [individual]
C l Spirited Spaces [group work]
D l Speculative Perspectival Distortions  [individual]
E l Speculative Perspectival Distortions + Embodied Conditions [individual]

Select of Student Works: 

A l A Speculative Triptych: Perspectives Between the Real and the Imaginary
A I Çağla Oruç

A I Yade Sıla Kahraman

 A I Ayoub Dhufr

A I Sinem Kurtuldu 

B l Spirited Spaces 

B I Duygu Yıldırok

B I Eren Bilim

B I Yade Sıla Kahraman

C l Spirited Spaces 

C I Abdelrahman Elgamal, Sesil Bulgan, Yade Sıla Kahraman

D l Speculative Perspectival Distortions 
D I Çağla Oruç

D I Duygu Yıldırok

D I Eren Bilim

D I Aoyub Dhufr

D I Yade Sıla Kahraman

E l Speculative Perspectival Distortions + Embodied Conditions

E I Çağla Oruç


E I Yade Sıla Kahraman


E I Ayoub Dhufr

E I Duygu Yıldırok

E I Eren Bilim

E I Sinem Kurtuldu