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One Equals Many
Workshop & Lecture / Online
TEDU, Ankara
ARCH201, Fall 2020-2021 
December 11, 2020, 10.30-15.00


This workshop explores the modes of being on the table as well as constructing a “table” through verbal, visual and tectonic conversations through drawing the line. A broadened drawing-scape for a journey of a variety of lines will be encouraged.  

The meaning of table, the image of table, the purpose of table, the spatiality of table, being on the table will be questioned.  Table will be dreamed and reconstructed as a paper construction that provides a dialogue between drawings, between us.

Tools & Materials: Drawing pencils, 35x50 cm drawing papers (200gr), 2 geodreiecks or set squares, compass, scissors/cutter, paper tape, cutting mat, crayon/pastels, ink, ink brush, watercolor; mobile phone, laptop

Mediums: Adobe Scan (ios, android), Miro, Zoom


  • Meeting & Warm-up – who is who + blind contour exercise, getting familiar with Bilge  

  • Table- A verbal and visual conversation about “Table” – speculative and provocative contributions/contributors to become a “table” (Allan Wexler, Jeremy Till, Enric Miralles, Flores & Prats, Aslıhan Demirtaş…)

  • Phase I: Table(s) in-situ – what is/are on the table?  [Table as an assemblage and composition] - documentation + freehand drawing 

  • Phase II: Studies for Table transformations  [discussion over the image of table in our minds and reconstructing the table through various operations. Dreaming and speculating will be highly encouraged ] drawing construction

  • Phase III: Table Conversation, two (not) too large table - drawing construction - working in groups of 2 / four hands thinking -axonometric drawing revisited