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Table as A Dirty-Drawing 
Cartography of Imagination

A series of drawings
2019 - on going 

When tables in design studios are reconsidered,  they can be interpreted as speculative cartographies as a cosmos of gestures in touch with various fragments, times, people, hands, eyes, minds, actions, and memories.  Table as a contact surface constructs a [collective] memory of gathering all on it - a spatio-temporal structure. Bodiless lines, stains, marks, slits, scrapes, holes and crevies left on the surface of table-top  are reminiscent of unbuilt architectures like Chamber Works [as voiced by Robin Evans, Sebnem Yalinay and Jeffrey Kipnis].  Hence, they can give the chance to be read as a map open for interpretation, imagination, day-dreaming, fabulation, contribution, reconstruction like a fortune-telling hand. They create a dirty-drawing as a palimpsest structure ready to inhabit, resisting to tabula rasa - being a clean plate.
This material reality on the face of table invites one to build cartographic landscapes of the imagination, landscapes of the mind - referring to Jane Rendell’s words: “fragment of the imagination: assembling new narratives from old”.

While drawing the line, one can encounter with not only Daniel Libeskind but also Cy Twombly, Nancy Graves, Rebecca Horn, Julie Mehretu, Antonie Tàpies and Anselm Kiefer on the table.