Wood Cabinets: Tectonic Conversations of Drawings

Spatial Constructions for Drawing Constellations
by Bilge Bal
2019 -ongoing

Wood cabinets are spatial constructions for paper-beings.
/inventory: a drawer, a table, a syllabus, drawing instruments, day-dreams, failures and successful experiments, foundations, speculations, de/re-constructions 

ICM 103
ICM 104

They are two cabinets like fraternal twins. Both have four drawers, a hinged plane surface at the top and two legs. One of the surface is transformed into a table top to host a paper and instruments to draw the line whereas other into a display of previous experiments. The uppermost drawer is filled with drawing instruments; tools and surfaces experienced during a year. Without opening this drawer, one can see inside from the top since its covering is transparent. However, he/she is free to use them. He/she can take a piece of paper, put it on the hinged surface that can be turned into a table top and fix it, and then, open the drawer, take the instrument and start drawing! Drawings instruments and surface are a wide variety of range from needle and string, handmade paper to ink and brayer, lino-cut tools and linoleum, from T-square, set squares and a Canson paper to charcoal and dry pastels. From up to down, other drawers belong to the participants of the studio who can curate all their experiments and experiments as a non-linear narrative. Each is an intrinsic autobiographical re-arrangement to the common syllabus. 

My inspirations to design and think about it are here: https://manifold.press/masa-diorama-insalari


2022, designed for and exhibited in First Year Show: Encounters & Beginnings, Istanbul Kent University
Design & Shopping/Fabrication Drawings 
in collaboration with Cem Doğan

cabinet: plywood, CNC 
stand: metal


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